About Our Practice

We believe that having a clean, modern state-of-the-art practice is one of the most important things that you should consider when choosing a dental practice.

This is why we have made sure that ours is nothing less.

What makes us stand out?

Keeping our practice to the highest quality

We know that having clean and tidy premises should mandatory, but we like to think we go the extra mile.

By this, we mean that we make sure the whole practice is cleaned from top to bottom every day.

We hire commercial cleaners from Croydon to ensure our reception and waiting area is cleaned and comfortable for our patients to ensure their journey with us is perfect from the minute they walk in right until the very end of their treatment.

New Equipment

We pride ourself in keeping up-to-date with the everchanging dental world, therefore we have invested in adding the the latest additions to our equipment including:

Aa revolutionary product from America - a computer controlled local anaesthetic delivery system called The Wand.

No matter how good the dentist’s technique is, the patient always associates syringes with pain.

Because the Wand is computer controlled and uses no syringes, it delivers the anaesthetic in a much more precise manner. The benefit to the patient is a method of administering local anaesthetics which is virtually imperceptible and is much more comfortable than the traditional method.

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We have also recently invested in a new instrument called the AIRFlow Handy from a Swiss company, EMS, which uses a sodium bicarbonate spray to remove staining and much of the hard calculus (tartar) deposits that build up on teeth. This means that we do not have to use the ultrasonic scaler (which can cause discomfort in some patients) except for the most stubborn deposits.

Another recent addition to our equipment is a Plasma light made by DMDS Ltd to harden white fillings much more quickly than is possible with a conventional curing light. Instead of waiting 60 seconds for each layer of filling to harden, it now takes only 3 seconds per layer. This procedure is therefore much more comfortable for our patients.

An additional advantage of the Plasma light is that it can also be used for bleaching teeth (called power-whitening in America) in the surgery: a process in which natural teeth may be lightened in colour without suffering any damage. Bleaching in this way can usually be carried out in about one hour.

During longer appointments, our patients can, choose to watch their favourite video using the latest technology, i-O Display Systems i-glasses, shown here on the left. Wearing these glasses does not interfere in any way with dental procedures.

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