Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Dental implants are becoming a popular solution for those that have missing or crooked teeth. Although it may seem purely cosmetic, dental implants have numerous health benefits too.

“A missing tooth can create severe problems the longer it is left untreated. Your gum is exposed to bacteria and the neighbouring teeth can become infected too.”

What are the benefits of getting a dental implant? And more importantly, is this treatment right for you?


Dental Implants: What are the Benefits?

Your teeth are incredibly important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If left unprotected, health complications can arise that may be painful and costly to fix.


Your Oral Hygiene Improves

A missing tooth can cause several problems. Bacteria and plaque build-up can damage the surrounding teeth and gums, but that isn’t all.

Remaining teeth can become more difficult to clean and the teeth around the gap can gradually become loose. Furthermore, a missing tooth can affect your speech patterns too.


Dental Implants Behave and Look like a Natural Tooth

With each passing year, dental implant treatments are becoming more advanced. A dental implant genuinely looks like a natural tooth and is placed into the gum. Other restorations are a great way to see just how effective the treatment is.

The dental implant is securely placed into your jaw bone, granting it the same strength and durability of your natural teeth. This means that a natural implant isn’t purely cosmetic and that it is ready to perform like any other natural tooth.


The Confidence Boost You Need

Missing and crooked teeth have been linked to multiple depression and anxiety problems. Our general appearance has a massive influence on ourselves and how we feel.

“9 out of 10 people are impressed with their dental implant after treatment.”

You shouldn’t have to be wary of how others look at you. You should be able to feel confident when with others. A dental implant is the first step in doing this.


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